Our download centre attempts to provide you with the most current versions of software releases for the Microscopy Cameras we sell. Please refer to your User’s Manual for instructions on software upgrade procedures.

Important note for USB-based cameras: When downloading a Software Upgrade, note that the software will prompt you to uninstall the previous version of software. You can also uninstall the previous version of the software manually before you download the latest version, but you need to reboot your computer (if prompted) to ensure that you do not experience difficulties with future software upgrades.

INFINITY Camera Software v6.5.3 (35MB)

This complete INFINITY software installation package includes device driver updates and several improvements to the INFINITY ANALYZE package. The INFINITY Software operates on 32 & 64-bit platforms running Windows 7, VISTA, or XP operating systems. Refer to the Release Notes for specific details on what modifications have been made in this update.

INFINITY Camera Software v6.3.0 (5MB)

Download the necessary software to run an INFINITY camera on an Apple MacIntosh computer running Mac OS X 10.6 and greater.

Media Cybernetics Driver


Lumenera USB 2.0 Camera Adaptor for MATLAB Image Acquisition v2.0.1

This updated Lumenera MATLAB Plug-In has been updated to support the latest versions of MatLab for 32 & 64-bit. Please refer to the text file included for instructions on how to install this software and the specific versions of MatLab that are newly supported. Also included in this update are new camera API functions, updates to existing functions, and sample MatLab scripts that demonstrate how to use Lumenera cameras using MatLab.

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