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You can see what we’ve been up to recently by taking a look at our news stories below. We’re regularly updating our news hub, which is packed with behind-the-scenes updates, industry information and exciting announcements (such as new accreditations, products, services and sponsorships).

We’re proud to help individuals, government agencies, the NHS, research departments, universities, schools, pathology laboratories and aerospace engineers set new heights in the world of scientific research with cutting-edge microscopes. We also regularly contribute to our news section with timely information on new releases, successful installations, training and compliance.

A passion for CSR, our people, integrity, society and the planet!

We may be a growing family-run business, but we recognise the importance of playing a positive role in the broader world. We work tirelessly to improve product safety, exceeding our clients’ expectations whilst minimising our operational impact on the environment, conserving natural resources for future generations — as highlighted in many of the stories below.

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