The microscope has long been labelled the “workhorse” of the lab, giving forensic scientists, jewellers, gemologists, botanists, and microbiologists the ability to inspect, observe, document, or dissect samples with crispness and clarity. As a precision piece of equipment, it must be handled with care, yet it also requires regular cleaning and maintenance to continue playing an integral role in research and diagnostics.

Microscope Servicing not only improves performance, efficiency, and accuracy, but it also saves you money and time, minimising issues before problems arise. Servicing your Meiji, Nikon, Leica, Microtec or Olympus microscope also helps you remain compliant with strict regulating agencies.

Elevate performance, productivity and precision

We cover the whole of the UK with talented engineers fully equipped for any job — no matter how small or large. Major repairs and spare parts are all charged separately, whilst maintenance and repairs can be carried out off-site. We can also calibrate your equipment at the same time it is serviced, ensuring it’s optimised for maximum performance.

Microscope repairs, servicing and sales

High-tech precision, decades of experience and unrivalled expertise

Microscope Optical Services specialises in microscope sales, servicing and repairs. With a talented team of engineers across the UK, we've grown rapidly over the last two decades, expanding our products and services to deliver innovative optical solutions for diverse applications.

From stereo microscopes to asbestos, biological, materials, polarising and advanced microscopes, we can supply, service and repair all types from leading brands, including Meiji, Microtec, Leica, Nikon and Olympus. We also stock used microscopes at competitive prices, subject to available stock, whilst our one-off and long-term servicing agreements are designed to cover the optical, mechanical and electrical components.

Microscope Optical Services: The masters of microscope repairs

We’ve been providing microscope repairs for two decades. With unrivalled knowledge of past and modern microscope systems from niche brands and microscopy giants like Nikon, Leica, Zeiss and Olympus, no job is too complex for our engineers. Whether your microscope’s mechanics are misaligned, you’ve encountered issues with dust and dirt, or you have lost some of the anti-reflective coatings of the lenses, we can provide swiftly, stress-free repairs at a competitive rate. If you’d like to learn more about our microscope servicing or repairs or wish to obtain your free no-obligation quote, please contact us today.

Work carried out includes:

  • A full optical clean.
  • A complete framework clean.
  • An inspection of the rack and pinion mechanism and adjustment where necessary.
  • An inspection of the stage mechanism and adjustment where necessary.
  • Removal of grease and debris and replaced with new.
  • A full inspection of the assembled microscope with adjustments and re-alignments made where necessary.
  • Any parts/mechanisms deemed by the engineer to be worn/faulty/defective or having an adverse effect on the performance of the instrument would be brought to the attention of the person(s) at the point of contact.
  • If required, a pre-calibrated (NPL) slide will be placed on the stage and using each individual objective; a reading will be taken using the eyepiece graticule. A certificate of the results and the calibration slide used will then be sent.
  • Clean the work area and remove all tools.
  • Inform the customer of any modifications, repairs, issues whilst on site. If the customer is not available, a summary will be sent via email.
  • Inform the main contact/user of any further training that is required before use of the instrument can begin. This is usually agreed prior to installation and would involve a visit from the imaging or sales manager. Failure to comply with this recommendation, which subsequently results in damage to the instrument, will invalidate the warranty for that specific repair.
  • Offer advice in order to help the customer obtain the most from the instrument, including settings, basic maintenance and any new features.


We are also equipped for general calibration needs. This could be as simple as an eyepiece graticule or large X / Y tables. For more information on this service, please Contact Us.

Replacement Bulbs

The single most common reason for calls to our technical support line is burned-out light bulbs, and this is the first thing you should check if your illumination system stops working. It is also a good idea to order one or two spare bulbs when purchasing your new microscope, as bulbs will eventually need replacing.

Having spare bulbs on hand prevents downtime waiting for a new bulb to arrive. If you are not sure what kind of bulb you need for your microscope, check out our Replacement Bulb page.

All our engineers are trained in house but occasionally attend training workshops from main manufacturers.

Servicing Cancellations

It is our policy that should you wish to cancel your servicing visit; we would require a minimum of 7 days’ notice. Failure to do this will result in a cancellation fee of £250 + VAT.

Upon arrival to site, if there are less microscopes or equipment to service than initially advised, the full rate will still be chargeable. Any changes to the job must be made aware to us two working days before the scheduled visit.

How can we help you?

Whether you're looking to buy a new microscope, need help sourcing the right product for your requirements or wish to arrange an ongoing servicing contract to keep your microscopes, cameras and lighting equipment in excellent working order, we're here to help. We remain up to speed with emerging technologies and instruments from leading manufacturers, cutting through the complexities to help you make an informed decision — recommending the right products and services for your needs, applications and budget.

You can learn more about us, our products and how we can help you by calling us on +44 (0)1926 817021. Alternatively, please send us a message, and we'll be back in touch as soon as possible.