HM-3 GEM Series



Principle Use

Specially designed for observing jewellery

Product Description

The Microtec HM-3 Gemscope has illumination specially designed for observing jewellery, such as ring mounts, engraved jewellery, cameos, watch movements and all types of gem stones.

The lighting from underneath can be general (brightfield) or directional at an oblique angle (darkfield).

The diffuse fluorescent top lighting is ideal when examining opaque objects.

The viewing microscope gives a 3D image of the item being viewed. Optional eyepieces give different magnifications and fields of view as indicated.

Choice of Two Models

  • HM-3 GEM10 – Zoom stereomicroscope, widefield 10x eyepieces, stand with incident and transmitted illumination, gem clamp.
  • HM-3 GEM20 – Zoom stereomicroscope, widefield 20x eyepieces, stand with incident and transmitted illumination, gem clamp.

Main Features

  • Stereomicroscope with 6.4:1 zoom magnification changer and a phototube for connecting a camera
  • Focusing control Range 110mm
  • Top illumination with 7w fluorescent tube illumination
  • 6v 30w Darkfield/brightfield transmitted illumination, with an iris diaphragm – adjustable from 44mm to 3mm diameter
  • Integrated 360° rotating base
  • Built-in tilting mechanism
  • Jewellery clamp


With WF 10x eyepieces Zoom magnification range 7x to 45x Field of view 28.6 – 4.4mm
With WF 20x eyepieces Zoom magnification range 14x to 90x Field of view: 14.3 – 2.2mm

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