RM-1 MET Series



Principle Use

The observation and evaluation of metallurgical specimens.

Product Description

The Microtec RM-1 MET microscope is a research quality metallurgical microscope at an extremely competitive price. The standard microscope system comprises the following:

Binocular viewing tube with phototube

Seidentopf type with beam splitter – 100% visual or 100% to the vertical photo tube


Quintuple nosepiece


Coaxial drop control stage 190mm x 140mm with 55mm x 78mm travel

Infinity Corrected Objectives

Planachromat 4x/NA = 0.10 WD = 27.24mm

Planachromat 10x/NA = 0.25 WD = 18.48mm

Planachromat 20x/NA = 0.40 WD = 2.14mm

Planachromat 40x/NA = 0.66 WD = 0.45mm

Coarse and Fine Focusing

Fine focusing calibrated to 2μm

Incident Illuminator

12v 50w Halogen incident illuminator with field iris and aperture iris controls

Polarising Filters

Polariser and analyser slide

A range of long-working distance objectives is also available:

Planachromat 20x, NA = 0.40, WD = 8.35mm

Planachromat 40x, NA = 0.65, WD = 3.90mm

Planachromat 50x, NA = 0.70, WD = 1.95mm

Planachromat 80x, NA = 0.80, WD = 0.85mm

In addition, 2 C-mount connectors (0.5x and 0.3x) are available.

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